Modern heating equipment is complex as it is crammed with electronic circuits. To diagnose and repair it, you need specific knowledge, experience. Our qualified masters do not recommended to carry out repairs yourself or to trust it random workers. Improper handling of it can lead not only to high financial costs, but also endanger your life and the lives of your family members, especially if it is necessary to repair gas-fired heating boilers. These are all good reasons to contact a certified repair organization. Our company employs engineers and technicians with many years of experience. Thanks to the experience and continuous improvement of the qualifications of our employees, we can repair the heating system of any complexity. Our masters keep up with technological progress and know how to handle modern equipment. The quality of work is evidenced by the guarantee that we give for each repair. Fill out the application or call the manager, and you will be convinced that our services are the services of professionals in their field.


Deterioration of equipment, failure of individual elements of the heating system inevitably lead to adverse consequences and serious financial costs. Lack of hot water, cold in the room, fouling of the heat exchanger and other problems may arise due to a malfunction of the heating system. Systematic service, timely identification of malfunctions and their successful elimination allow you to extend the service life of the heating system, detect a malfunction in time, and prevent an emergency. The specialists of the Hartford HVAC Service will determine the true reasons for the breakdown of the heating system and offer the best solutions to the problem. As practice shows, the main causes of emergencies related to the heating system are: • Errors made in the design of the heating system; • Unprofessional installation of equipment; • Power surges and drops; • Unqualified service; •Depreciation of equipment; • Manufacturing defects of component parts or main equipment; • Negligence or violation of the rules for operating the heating system; • Failure of boiler equipment.


Consequences of irregularities in the operation of heating: • Breakdown of boiler equipment; • Premature wear of equipment; • Emergencies during the heating season; • Unforeseen financial expenses; • Lack of hot water; • Increase in fuel or coolant consumption; • Freezing of heated residential buildings; • Damage to the decoration in the house; • Freezing of the heating system and other types of property damage. Professional repair and installation, regular maintenance will keep the heating system in good condition throughout the heating season for a long time. Scheduled repairs or maintenance work should be carried out before the onset of the heating season. With or reliable service and competent staff you can forget about inappropriate repair and its consequences. We provide professional approach.The high quality of all works performed is guaranteed. We evaluate our reputation and our clients' trust.


Preventive maintenance is characterized by seasonal frequency. Most often, it includes the following activities: • Checking control devices for serviceability and, if necessary, replacing them; • Pressure testing of the heating system; • Checking water valves and pumps; • Replacement of gaskets, seals; • Flushing of heat exchangers. Current repairs (performed once every three to four years) and includes the following activities: • Control of the coolant and, in case of malfunctions, its replacement; • Complex flushing of the heating system; • Replacement or repair of valves, faulty pipeline sections. Emergency repair, the purpose of which is to restore the working capacity of the heating system after an emergency. Overhaul is aimed at improving the heating system and high quality heating of the premises. Includes main activities: • Replacement of risers and heating pipes; • Partial or complete replacement of heating equipment; • Replacement of the elevator unit or valves; • Replacement of heating spills, etc.

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