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Nowadays, traditional radiator heating is being replaced by a more effective method of maintaining an optimal, uniform air temperature in the house throughout the entire area of the room. For this, a special design of heated floors has been developed. Thanks to such floors, the heated room maintains a uniform temperature and is reliably protected from drafts and dust, since there are no air turbulences from temperature drops that raise all the house dust that causes allergy or asthma attacks. Underfloor heating provides soothing warmth for a variety of flooring types, including tile, stone, granite, laminate and wood. The installation of a heated bathroom floor is especially beneficial. This eliminates excess moisture, prevents the appearance of fungus and musty odor. Hartford HVAC Service is the best combination of experience, high quality of provided services and reasonable prices.


When purchasing a water heater, it is important to take care of its correct installation. The quality of the work performed directly affects the service life of the equipment. Specialists of the company "Hartford HVAC Service" have developed a number of ready-made solutions for typical installation that simplify the process of installing a water heater, saving you money and time. We provide professional services for the installation, full or partial repair and maintenance of boilers, water heaters and any heating system of any brand, model and type. We do not recommend that you disassemble and repair the equipment yourself. If you have any problems with the HVAC equipment, call our reliable service center. Our well-experienced experts will find a solution to the problems. Our competent team will repair your HVAC equipment right at your place or or we can pick it up for repair at the service center.


Unfortunately, any pitfalls, not the remains of the project, low quality materials or insufficiently competent installation, will only appear gradually, and when errors in design or the underlying quality of materials are revealed even before work begins, control the installation is much easier. To be sure, of the quality of the work performed, you should contact the experienced and qualified specialists of our company who will install heating systems or repair heating of any brand, type and brand. Installation of heating systems or their operation always begins with a competent design. Heating installation and modernization of an existing system has a huge number of options for a private house or cottage. Accordingly, even design needs to be approached more responsibly. The ideal option would be if the project on which the heating systems will be installed were ready even before the construction of the house begins. First, based on the area of the building, the height of its ceilings, layout, as well as the type of walls and their thickness, the required power of the heating boiler is calculated, and the optimal type of fuel is taken into account. The next stage includes the development of a pipe layout scheme, as well as an algorithm for the location of radiators. Then wiring and installation is carried out. All this should be done as professionally as possible, because any inaccuracy will affect the operation of the system. Employees of reputable construction and repair companies with high qualifications can only perform high-quality installation, repair and maintenance of heating systems. Hartford HVAC Service is exactly what you need!


Timely maintenance of the heating equipment is an integral part of its high-quality operation. It is not only extends the service life of the HVAC equipment, but also leads to a reduction in the time for heating water, and as a result, energy savings. In addition, the most important thing is that timely maintenance prevents the appearance of bacteria in the storage water in heater tank, which cause a negative impact on human health. Hartford HVAC Service provides full or partial repairs of HVAC systems. Hartford HVAC Service supports the customer at all stages of the work: from choosing a water heater to repairing in the event of a failure. Our high-qualified staff can fix the problem of any complexity. We use only original spare parts that guarantees the long post repair exploitation.

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