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Due to the sharp and constant increase in gas and electricity prices, the demand for alternative heating methods is growing. One of the most popular is the installation of heat pumps. This device allows the use of renewable free resources of the environment, such as soil, groundwater, air. In this case, the system performs three functions - heating, air conditioning and water heating. Moreover, if the service of heat pumps is carried out in a timely manner and with high quality, such installations will last for many years and will work even with your grandchildren. Hartford HVAC Service has been working in the air conditioning industry for over 15 years. Clients choose us because of the following advantages: • Own staff of experienced service specialists with deep theoretical and practical knowledge. • Warehouse, which always has in stock climatic equipment of various types and spare parts for it. • Affordable prices. •Individual approach to each client. • High-quality of works performed. To order the repair of heat pumps, call the indicated numbers or fill out the feedback form on the Hartford HVAC Service website. Our skilled and licensed masters will come to perform the work at a convenient day and time for you.


The heat pump not only circulates the liquid, it even warms up even the farthest radiators in the system. In order for the heating system to work efficiently, the coolant must circulate freely and quickly enough inside the circuit. Otherwise, the batteries will not heat up and the liquid in the boiler will boil. The greatest demand is for volatile units, in which a pump provides the circulation of water through the pipes. Any mechanism eventually fails, and circulating heat pumps are no exception. Today we want to describe the most common malfunctions: Most often, the owners of heat pumps are faced with the following problems: • Shaft blocking. The pump hums, but the moving parts remain static. One of the main reasons for such a malfunction is shaft oxidation. This happens after turning off the device for a long time. • Strong vibration. If the pump is noisy and jittery, the bearing is most likely worn out. • Occasionally there are power problems. They can be expressed in different ways. In the first case, the pump does not turn on at all. In the second, the external protection of the electric motor is activated for a while after the start of the unit. • Sudden shutdown. It is sometimes caused by a build-up of plaque between the rotor and stator.


Depending on the existing problem, the solutions may be as follows: • Eliminate shaft blocking problems. The first thing to do when a blockage occurs is to turn off the device. Then you need to dry the pump well, especially the electric motor. Remove the motor and turn the impeller with a screwdriver or by hand. This is often enough. If any foreign object blocks the wheel, the engine must be dismantled and removed unnecessary. • The pump vibrates violently. If the cause is in the bearing, then it must be replaced. Most likely, it is broken or clogged. • Power supply problems. If the pump does not start, it is necessary to check the voltage and the condition of all connection terminals. The inclusion of external protection of the engine may indicate a malfunction in its electrical components. • Shutdown due to stator contamination. In this case, the engine must be disassembled and the parts must be thoroughly cleaned from plaque.


The owner of the circulation pump should make sure: • absence of vibration and noise during device operation; • normal pressure-flow rates of the pump; • presence of grounding on the device case; • stability of the engine heating level; • normal connection of wires; • Absence of leaks at the joints of pipes and pump. The repair of the heat pump must be preceded by its diagnostics, with the help of which malfunctions and their causes are identified. Diagnostics involves checking the temperatures inside the unit, the discharge pressure and the suction power. In most cases of malfunctions, the pump must be repaired. First, it is should be disassembled from the unit. Bolt heads are situated on the body of the device. A hex wrench is sold with the pump, with which these bolts are unscrewed. After the cover removal, the rotor should be removed from the sleeve. All pumps are assembled from modules. The repair of the heat pump is reduced to replacing the failed part of the device. You can entrust even the most difficult cases to our well-experienced and professional team.

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