Furnace Replacement


Replacing an old furnace with a new one will help your home save more gas and electricity costs in cases where the old boiler cannot heat the room enough. There are several reasons for which it is possible to replace a gas boiler, for example: - Furnace age. Boilers that have been in operation for more than 8 years, depending on characteristics and design); - The noise. Especially boilers with a turbocharged burner or heating units, mainly with an expired service life; - Constant repairs also due to expensive spare parts. It is often cheaper to purchase a new boiler of a more advanced model.If you frequently repair the furnace, it will be useful to replace it. If one room is very cold, and all the others have different positive temperatures the boiler is not able to provide a uniform temperature in each room or the humidity of the rooms occurs in summer, and in winter it is dry, then you should also consider replacing the old with a new one.


The first thing to pay attention to is the age of the boiler. If your boiler is 8 years old (for wall-mounted), 15 years (for floor standing) and older, then it is time to replace it. With new advances in technology and design, you can buy a modern, more economical and safer boiler. Second, pay attention to the air in your home. If the boiler smokes, soot forms or the burner burns out due to improper operation of the boiler, replacement is also necessary (in cases where preventive maintenance and replacement of spare parts is equal to the cost of a new boiler). Thirdly, when your "economical" boiler does not save gas at all, when you receive a gas bill. If your gas bill is constantly increasing, then this is due to your boiler (due to malfunctions, long service life, boilers without modulation, etc.). Replacement is possible and expensive, but in the end, the savings in gas will counterbalance the cost and you can benefit from operating a new boiler.

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