Repair of a furnace can be different - it depends on the degree of deterioration of the heating system. Here we mean not only the boiler, but also radiators and pipes. Therefore, there are several types of heating system repair: • The so-called cosmetic repair, when you have not serious malfunctions; • If the heating boiler or furnace is leaking or there is a leak, then the damaged places on the pipeline, on radiators or risers should be repaired or replaced. It may also be necessary to replace old heating radiators or pipes with new ones. • Maintenance, repair, replacement of heating furnace and other elements of the heating system should be done in advance. If at the same time you are also doing repairs to your home, then this will be the best option. After all, the work will be carried out in parallel, which in a sense is convenient. Do not carry out routine or urgent repairs of furnace by yourself! Only professionals should perform such work. Of course, this does not apply to minor breakdowns that can be eliminated according to the instructions.

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Modern boiler models have approximately the same device layout and structural modules that perform similar functions, regardless of the power source and the option of organizing the heating system. This makes it possible to study general situations of breakdowns and repair options for heating boilers without focusing on the type of equipment.The design of heating boilers, regardless of the version, partially or fully contains the following modules: power system and organization of its connection; control devices; protective systems; block providing automatic control of all systems; heating connection mechanism; housing equipped with connecting mechanisms. The reasons for the need for repair may be the following factors: • The design of the heating system and installation work were carried out in violation of the developed standards. • The boiler was operated without observing the established rules. • Damage to shut-off valves. • Failure of the heating system due to low pressure. • Clogged heat exchanger. • Excessive contamination of the chimney has triggered the sensor. • The electromagnet is out of order. • Deviation in the power supply.

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