The Hartford HVAC Service will repair boilers in Hartford and surrounding areas of any brand, type and model. Over the years, our craftsmen have earned the trust of themselves as responsible, punctual and highly qualified specialists. On the account of the service there are already more than a thousand completed works. Our skilled technicians of water heaters take into account the wishes of the client and comes to the application at the agreed time. We will carry out timely repair and maintenance of the boiler and will not let you be left without hot water. If the boiler suddenly fails or the water is not heating well and you urgently need to repair the water heater - our service is an excellent solution, we will help you solve the problem promptly. Within a few minutes after the application, the manager will contact and, if the master is free, we will repair the boiler in Hartford today.


If you notice that: • the water heater began to heat water poorly; • when heating water, extraneous noises are heard; • water flows from the bottom cover or through the connections; • does not turn on; • the boiler is electrified; • the light is on, but does not heat; • water does not flow, or pressure is weak. If you notice that the device is not working correctly, do not expect a disaster, call us. Our operator will quickly announce the estimated cost of repairing the boiler and the time of arrival of the master. A faulty water heater can lead to: • water leaks, which is fraught with flooding of one's own and neighboring housing; • electrical circuit short-circuits, which can lead to breakdown of other household appliances; • discomfort when using the boiler. The water heater may begin to slightly shock, reduce the water pressure, make noise. • subsequent, expensive repairs. Because a minor malfunction led to more seroius breakages


Hartford HVAC Service center has established itself as a reliable, responsible service for the repair of boilers (water heaters) and their maintenance. We have been working for several years, and we know exactly how to repair any boiler, and any breakdown. We provide the following services: - regular maintenance, boiler cleaning, boiler flushing, heating elements; - repair and replacement of heating elements; - replacement of the magnesium anode; - checking and repairing the electrical part of the water heater; - repair and replacement of electronics, power board; - check for the integrity of the water heating tank body; - check and replacement of the check valve; - elimination of leaks and replacement of gaskets; - consultations on the operation of water heaters / boilers; Our advantages: High quality renovation. Our high qualified and experienced technicians are high-level specialists. We have unsolved problems. We know everything about repairing boilers of any model and brand. Guarantee for all types of work. We high quality of boiler repair is guaranteed. Availability of spare parts Our technicians always have basic spare parts in stock. If you have a specific repair, the master always knows where to order the necessary, high-quality spare parts as quickly as possible! Repair of an electric boiler of any complexity. We repair the electrical part, replace thermostats, flanges, protective tabs, and gaskets, check valves and more. We repair everything related to the water heater. Boiler repair from Hartford HVAC Service is not only a solid guarantee for all services, but also highly qualified personnel who will carry out repairs as soon as possible. Each master is a real expert in the field of boiler repair, who annually confirms his qualifications. Do you want to save not only money, but also time and nerves? Call the master right now! Who else needs a boiler repair? Do you need to replace the broken part, the thermostat, fix the leak or adjust the electronics? Call us now! We will carry out high-quality repairs and provide a solid guarantee for all types of work!

Tips for longer use

1. Correct installation of the boiler. The one of the most important steps is proper installation. If you do not want to call a specialist, you may miss an important step that will lead to a more serious malfunction. A professional will carry out the installation quickly and safely thanks to his experience. 2. Choosing a boiler with an extended warranty. When deciding to buy a boiler, you must be sure that it is covered by an extended warranty. This way, you will be protected from later problems. Well-known manufacturers trust the quality of their products, so you can be sure that if you are given a guarantee for a long time, the boiler will be reliable and will last a long time. If any defects are found, the warranty will help you to repair the product at no additional cost. A prerequisite is compliance with the mode of use recommended by the manufacturer. 3. Correct selection of the boiler according to consumption points. To enjoy hot water from your new boiler for as long as possible, you need to choose one that suits all consumers. Consider the number of people and the amount of water required. It is advisable to have a separate boiler for the kitchen and a larger one for the bathroom. 4. Protect the boiler from extreme temperatures. The boiler must be installed in protected locations to protect it from frost or too high temperatures. Those who have a boiler in their summer kitchen are advised to empty it from water during cold periods. 5. Protection of the electric boiler against voltage surges, that is one of the most common problems with electric boilers. Voltage fluctuations and dips seriously affect performance, so buying a UPS or voltage regulator will save you the trouble. 6. Disconnecting the boiler from the outlet during long periods of inactivity. If you do not use the device for a long time, we recommend disconnecting it from the mains to protect it from possible damage caused by voltage drops or overloads. 7. Use of filters for pipes feeding the boiler. The use of filters is of paramount importance to prevent problems that can be caused by scale deposits on the pipes feeding the boiler and to prevent them from entering the boiler tank. 8. Using a water softener for plumbing. Last but not least, we recommend using a water softener to descale hard water.

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