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Maintenance of the air cleaner at the level of service specialists should be carried out regularly, at least once a year. Such maintenance of the air cleaner contains specialized work that requires specialist qualifications. We provide also the following services: disassembling the air cleaner body; checking the performance and cleaning the electronic and electrical components of the air cleaner, replacing the defective units and components; assembling and testing the air cleaner unit. The company «Hartford HVAC Service" provides maintenance of air cleaners, of any brand and manufacturer, both on a separate request and under a contract on a regular basis. The high quality of all works provided is guaranteed.We have skilled and well-experienced staff.Besides we are flexible in visit time and have honest prices.


Of course, air purifiers, especially from leading manufacturers, are reliable technology. At the same time, as practice shows, the repair of air purifiers is required quite often. Like any household appliances, they have a certain service life, after which some elements may malfunction, and then the repair of the air cleaner will become inevitable. However, the repair of an air purifier, the price of which varies from the complexity of the breakdown, is most often required due to the human factor, namely: • Failure of the user to adhere to the operating rules; • Non-regular replacement of filters will lead to the high cost of repairing the air washer; • Various mechanical influences - shocks, vibrations; • Failure to perform timely preventive cleaning of the air purifier; • the use of water not purified by the osmosis filter, which leads to the accumulation of calcium deposits on the internal elements, and as a result, the air cleaner needs to be repaired; •Some defects.

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